Gilroy is a supporting character in HAZE who is introduced in the first mission. He along with Sherman and Wood help Shane Carpenter throughout his missions until he reaches the Smelting Plant.

Missions Edit

Gilroy is first seen on the Mantel Land Carrier after Sherman introduces Shane to him and Wood. Before they can get ready for their mission to guard the Observatory, a missile hits a fly by Mantel Plane carrying Nectar shipments. Gilroy, Sherman and Wood along with the rest of Shane's squad then get ordered to abandon Observatory guard duty and stop Promise Hand forces from taking the Nectar shipments from the crashed plane. After being given this order, they all board a X-79 Mantel Dropship and head to the crash site to execute their mission.

Gilroy, Sherman, Wood and Shane are dropped off to the closest area where the dropship could land while Duvall and the others "take the high road". They then head to the crash site to take the Nectar shipments while clearing out Promise Hand Rebels along the way.

If Gilroy survives the first mission, he will join Shane once more on his mission to capture Skin Coat. After spotting Skin Coat get away on a vehicle, they board a Boxcar in order to pursue Skin Coat while encountering numerous Promise Hand Rebels along the way.

If Gilroy survives the pursuit on Skin Coat, he will enter the Smelting Plant with Shane and the rest of his squad in order to locate Skin Coat and capture him. Gilroy follows Duvall while Shane heads off another direction to find Skin Coat.

Gilroy's fate is unknown as he doesn't appear again after the Smelting Plant mission, although he may have exited the Smelting Plant by boarding another Dropship while Duvall and the others took care of Skin Coat.

Trivia Edit

  • Gilroy, Sherman and Wood are the only characters in HAZE to have not been given a last name.