The Mantel Land Carrier clearing a path through the jungle with drop-ship escorts.

The Mantel Land Carrier functions as the main base of operations for the Mantel army in the region.  It is a hulking mobile base that will crush anything that stands in the way beneath the massive sets of tracks, and will shoot anything that hasn't been run over with the large array of weaponry, Troopers and Vehicles that cover the hull and fill its insides.


The Land Carrier features a flight deck that can accommodate a large number of aircraft, and also holds at least 4 anti-aircraft missile batteries. Hidden in the safety of the metres thick armour are: A barracks for housing a platoon of Troopers; a machine shop for maintaining the mechanized element of the army; a hanger for storing the various vehicles used by the Mantel Troopers; a large cargo bay at the rear of the carrier, and a central control room that allows administration of all activity in the region without support from further afield.

Mantel Troopers defending the land carrier from an attack

On the sides and under the carrier are several missile batteries and mini-gun turrets to hold off vehicle and infantry assaults until the land carrier can deploy its vehicles and get the Troopers on the catwalks to finish them off.


For in-depth information of the events that take place here, see the walkthrough

The Mantel Land appears in three missions, two of which are purely cinematic, and one, the final one, is where Shane Carpenter destroys it.