Sergeant Shane Carpenter is the main protagonist of Haze.


Shane Carpenter is the main protagonist in Haze, played by the player in every level in the campaign. Shane is a Sergeant, just like his equal in rank and age, Morgan Duvall . He seems to be about 25 years old just after he left college.

Shane is a good guy, and all he wants is for all the people who are suffering, everywhere, to stop suffering. Until he joined Mantel, he didn't know what to do with all his good will.

Thanks to his military training, Shane is adept in the use of most weaponry, be it Mantel or Promise Hand in origin

Shane is the only known Mantel Trooper to survive the effects of Nectar withdrawal, but is not the only Trooper to be aware of it's harmful side-effects. Lance Corporal Teare, one of Shane's close friends discovers that over time, continued use of Nectar will eventually kill the user; and that Mantel had been hiding the evidence so that no-one would question the use of the drug.

After Shane's drop-ship crashed in the swamp his Nectar Administrator failed, and he was unable to contact Mantel, this meant that he was undergoing severe withdrawal by the time that he had made it to the Promise Hand village.

Once he learns the truth about Mantel's actions in the region, Shane joins the Promise Hand and helps take the fight to Mantel, learning ever more about the atrocities committed by Mantel along the way...