Lance Corporal Teare was a supporting character in Haze, who is first seen at the very beginning of the campaign when Duvall introduces him to Carpenter, and Teare adjusts the strap for Carpenter's Nectar Administrator.

It is later revealed that Teare knows about the effects of Nectar on the Mantel troopers, and actually adjusted the dosage level of Carpenter's Nectar Administrator so he starts to see the world without the effects of Nectar.

On the first mission Duvall notices Teare isn't taking any Nectar, and kicks him off the mission. Later on Carpenter finds Teare in the beached shipping container, who shows Carpenter a container full of dead Mantel troopers without any gunshot wounds or signs of physical harm. Teare tells Carpenter that they died from prolonged exposure to Nectar, and reveals that Mantel invaded the area to destroy rare plants required in synthesizing Nectar, guaranteeing a monopoly on Nectar production. A sniper then kills Teare as Mantel troopers move in on Carpenter's position.